How does Soon™ work?

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The For You page in our extension is the home of all curated content, chosen just for you! In this current iteration, it can feel unsophisticated—but we’re working to add more insightful recommendations soon.

Navigate to this page via the Home icon at the bottom of the app!

Browsing and discovering new, exciting streams is our goal—so stay alert! We’ve got tons of games on our roadmap and we’re expanding out streamer coverage all the time.

After clicking the Discover icon, you can see the list of games we have covered or are working on covering soon. Simply select whichever game you want to watch, then browse whatever you want or use the filters and sorts to refine your discovery!

ProTip: discovery filters are one of the best ways to find what you want. There’s different criteria for every game, from time in game to role. Just click the filter icon (see left) and go from there!

On the Favorites page, you can see all the streamers that you’ve followed—including the ones offline right now! It’s a great way to bookmark people you watch frequently and know when to watch them.

How do add someone to your favorites? Glad you asked—simply click the Follow button on any of their StreamCards™ and you’re done! Easy, huh?

Notifications are our way of letting you know what you should be watching when it's most exciting to watch! You'll notice them from time to time in the top right corner of your browser.

Click the notification to go right to the stream, or hover to see the details of what's going on! Not interested? Simply click the "x" close icon and we'll get out of your way.

FYI: there's currently no way to disable notifications, but we're working on a way to manage them as you read this—so hang tight! Thanks!

FireScore™ is our secret sauce for determining how well someone is playing in their current game! On a scale of 1 to 100, the score represents a multitude of things related to the streamer's gameplay—like how long into the game they are, their performance, how they fit in the meta, and more.

FireScore™ is still in the early stages, but we think it's already a helpful tool for finding exciting content worth watching!